Memoriale (2017), version for bass clarinet and resonant piano

Memoriale (2017), for bass clarinet

Ich rinne, Ich bin (2017), for soprano and six instruments

I’m sure those are not the right words (2016), for guitar

Would the fall never come to an end? (2016), for guitar

Nowhere (2016), for orchestra

Corvi (2016), for viola, bass clarinet and string orchestra

Il mio cuore è ovunque, altrove… (2015), for voice and piano, on a poem by Alessandro Pertosa

Nel mese del mare immobile (2015), melologo for four acting voices and orchestra

Rions Noir (2015) transcription for wind orchestra

Knock (2015), fot three male voices and piano, on a text written by Lorenzo Da Ponte

Rundetårn (2015), for flute and orchestra

Jabberwocky (2015), for guitar

Rions Noir (2014) for youth orchestra

Un éclair…puis la nuit! (2014), for guitar

Itami no Renkinjutsu (2014), for doublebass

Kindei (2014), for voice and guitar, lines from Genji monogatari by Murasaki Shikibu

Rifrazione (2014), for disklavier

Hush…again! (2014), for alto flute and guitar

Endymion (2014), for voice and piano, on a poem by Oscar Wilde

The Watching Signs of the Light (2013), for violin and wind quintet

Hush! (2013), for flute and guitar

And yet no further (2013), for five intruments

Upon this bank and shoal of time (we’d jump the life to come) (2013), for two accordeons

The Witching Time of the Night (2013), for solo violin

Perspectives III (2013), for five intruments

Perspectives II (2013), for six intruments

Answer (2012), for solo voice on a poem by Walt Whitman

Echoes (2012), for trombone and piano

Four Sketches (2012), for orchestra

Perspectives (2012), for eight instruments

Connessioni (2011), for wind quintet

Certamen (2011), for wind quintet

Evoluzione Reversibile (2010), for spatialized orchestra

Repos et Vertige (2010), trio for flute, clarinet and percussions